The world is currently united by a feeling perhaps best described as helplessness and paralysis. We, too, are suffering from despair in the face of this never-ending pandemic. Our sales have collapsed; restaurateurs, hotel operators and club owners, who are our oldest and most loyal customers, have been on the verge of extinction for almost 2 years, or are already gone.
The slump in sales has put our production cycle out of kilter and we are now short of white label bottles for our annual edition. We are therefore dedicating the last remaining 480 bottles to our friends and partners in the hospitality industry.
Trust us, we know how you feel.
With the help of the artist Jan Kallenbach, and with a bit of humour and a pinch of frustration, we have designed our own edition: FCK CORONA.
In making this statement, we want to emphasize that we are not casting doubt on the seriousness of the virus, or the measures associated with it. The edition summarizes our feelings and outlook in this pandemic. We are expressing our anger, helplessness, passivity, despair, hope and resignation on behalf of all the bars, clubs, restaurants and hotels out there, as well as their owners and staff.
To ensure that as many as possible can partake, we are selling only one bottle per customer. Please don’t place multiple orders as we’ll just have to cancel them.
We leave you with a quote from our Borgmann 1772 coat of arms:
nec aspera terrent – Difficulties be damned!


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