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Tradition – Quality – Design

It is our mission to combine an over 130 year old tradition with highest quality and modern design. Based on these values, we constantly rethink our actions and this is part of what makes BORGMANN1772 into what it is today:

Its longstanding tradition is what makes BORGMANN1772 a premium German Liquor

  • Privileged pharmacy since 1772 through the Duke of Braunschweig.
  • Produced for over 125 years following strict instructions from the court-chemist.
  • Secret formula passed on from one generation to the next.

The design merges the traditional with the modern

  • International artists give each edition of the aluminum bottles an individual design.
  • Only the logo, coat of arms, bottle form and content remain unchanged.
  • Through keeping the editions consistently limited, every BORGMANN1772 edition is unique and a sought after collector’s item.
A premium herbal liquor that has found its own way in a formerly unpopular category, and became an established part of gastronomy, not only in Berlin but also way beyond its borders. The tradition is to be preserved, highest quality is to be provided, and the design to be reinvented over and over again.

The unique taste is what gives BORGMANN1772 its claim of quality

  • Produced in a manufacturing process that is originated in the ancient knowledge of the pharmacist’s family.
  • Until today without exception, each bottle is produced from hand-picked, natural ingredients.
  • Its taste is perfected through the use of medicinal and aromatic plants such as cinchona bark, galangal, gentian and cloves.
  • Highly effective through its exceptional recipe.
  • The liquor is cooled in a balanced aging process, then filtered in small batches, tasted and packed.