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“The knowledge of the effect of the medicine and the wish to always want to help people is what distinguishes a good pharmacist.”

Using the knowledge of the effect of indigenous herbs, the secret formula of BORGMANN1772 has been developed in the pharmacy’s laboratory after a long series of tests at the end of the last century. Over the generations, the formula remained unchanged and has only been passed on to the closest family circle. Back then and still today, the content of every bottle is handmade. Behind this intensive manufacturing process is the claim of quality that can be enjoyed with the first sip.

Die historische Ladentheke

As soon as the herbal essences unfold and release their flavor, one understands why BORGMANN1772 remains as special as it is today. It is the taste that makes BORGMANN1772 so unmistakable.

One of the many reasons for the unique taste of BORGMANN1772 can be found in the manufacturing process, during which the liquor is bottled with a funnel, sealed and packed. The entire production process takes up ten days. After mixing the alcohol and the herbal essences, the substance has to rest well chilled. This allows the fine herbal essences to unfold and assemble little by little at the bottom of the can. After cooling for ten days, the so called maturity, the herb flavored liquor can be filtered and bottled. Both the amount and the concentration of the herbs are decisive for the balanced taste of BORGMANN1772. Although the formula and the manufacturing method have been passed on only verbally from generation to generation, the quality of BORGMANN1772 remains unchanged even to this day. One can immediately taste the difference from industrially produced liquors.

The present 600 year old house of the court-pharmacy had been named “to demrodenCrutze” which translated means “to the Red Cross”. But since there was a multitude of so-called “wild” pharmacies, the owner asked the Duke of Braunschweig-Wolfenbuettel to raise the pharmacy status tobecomea “privileged” pharmacy. This is why the date of 1772marks a milestone in the history of the Borgmann family and explains the appearance of the year and the ducal emblem on every bottle of BORGMANN1772.

The inscriptions inside the emblem still have a relevant message. “So we graciously assent to the request that he might join the body of apothecaries […] at our royal and princely court and accordingly authorize him to establish a privileged dispensary on behalf of his highness, the Duke.” This letter, written on the 6th of June 1772, was signed by Duke August Wilhelm.

Not only had the privilege to deliver the court come with this distinction, but also an unconditional promise of quality, which the Borgmann family is still committed to today. The name “court-pharmacy” has been established during the centuries thanks to a number of wise ancestors, and is under the common management of the pharmacist couple (Mr. and Mrs. Borgmann) since 1976.