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Jörn Clausen, Jan Borgmann and Hendrik Borgmann
Jörn Clausen, Jan Borgmann and Hendrik Borgmann

Due to the constant positive resonance, the two brothers Hendrik and Jan Borgmann and their longtime friend Jörn Clausen decided to realize a strong and brave plan in the summer of 2005.They strived to make BORGMANN1772 accessible to a larger and younger group of consumers. The first step included givingBORGMANN1772 a new design, aiming to produce a high quality product for the 21st century.

The location in Berlin, which has become the residence and the source of inspiration of everybody involved, offered a creative “breeding ground”. This is where the first bars and stores were convinced bythe potential of BORGMANN1772. An inner circle of bartenders, club owners, restaurants staff and hotel managers made BORGMANN1772 more and more popular within Germany.For quite some time the first bars and clubs across Europe and in the US also proudly offer BORGMANN1772 to their exclusive clientele.